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June 28, 2005 xStarter 1.64

  • New actions FtpSyncDownload and FtpSyncUpload added. This actions allow to synchronize ftp and local folders.
  • It's possible now to create comments in tasks with action Comment.
  • New option Substring was added for extracting info from specified text.
  • Some bugs fixed.

May 15, 2005 xStarter 1.63

  • Actions RunProcess, TerminateProcess, ProcessCount now contain option PID, that allows handling via process ID. It terminates the process in the future by this ID, not by process name.
  • New return parameter ExitCode in action RunProcess. It's possible now to receive process execution status or Batch (.BAT) file working result.
  • New option added "Keep files created at last N days" in Action DeleteOldBackups. This retains the last N days of backup.
  • New Action ExcelMacro that allows execution of Microsoft Excel Macros. You only need to specify .xls filename and macro name.
  • In the Task Configuration window, when Log tab active and while execution of current task log is enabled, the screen will refresh in auto mode. It's possible not to refresh on-screen log using the F5 Key.
  • It's now possible to work with global and local variables. You can set variable value using Action SetVariable and use this value in another (or current) task via constructor {VarName}. For example, in task Task1 you create new variable SetVariable: MyVar1='abc' and in task Task2 use value of this variable: ShowMessage: 'Hello {MyVar1}'
  • Action FTPDelete has been added. Action FTPDownload now return Success=True only if file size on FTP Server is equal to file size of local downloaded file.
  • All FTP actions have been modified to allow you to connect and work with FTP Server thru a Firewall or Proxy Server. Also, an option has been added to allow connection to FTP server using encrypted SSL/TLS connection. For establishing such connection, you will need additional library OpenSSL:
  • Fixed bug related to all Complex Time Format. Preferences were discarded if task was disabled via menu in Windows tray. Also there was a problem with starting task in Sunday.
  • Fixed bug in action WindowCommand with option Close when window is not closed, but minimized.
  • Some bugs fixed.

February 16, 2005 xStarter 1.62

  • New actions for working with Clipboard have been added. It's now possible to use action CopyText for writing any text or internal variable value into the Clipboard. Action Paste has also been added for inserting clipboard contents into currently active window. Use TextFromClipboard action to extract clipboard contents.
  • Action CheckMail now contain options for saving email attachments into specified folder.
  • Action LPR has been added for sending files to network printers.
  • Has been added actions for file's groups processing. With action FirstLastFile it's possible now to find first or last file in specified folder by file size, modification date/time, file name, etc. Action FileNames can be useful for extracting file name parts, for example, file folder, disk, short name, etc. Action SearchFolders can also be used for file processing.
  • The program have been improved to allow exporting/importing tasks and task logs. A function also exists to export full information about task options into HTML file.
  • Some modifications have been made in the file system trigger. It's now possible to specify task execution only when the size of new files have changed for some period of time. This modification can be useful for monitoring new files that were transferred to the current computer via the FTP protocol.
  • Some bugs fixed.

December 16, 2004 xStarter 1.61

  • New actions for moving files have been added.
  • Action SendKey can not contain additional command for changing keyboard layout. So, it's possible now to send text in your own language. E.g. {LNG EN}Hello {LNG DE}Gruß
  • New trigger: SerialPort event. With this event it's possible now to launch xStarter tasks by Serial port (RS-232) commands. Also in actions can be parsed readed from serial port string {ComEvent.String}.
  • Action SendMail now contain option for storing sended messages in EML or MSG files. This files can be opened then by different email programs.
  • Now xStarter tasks logs are stored in separate log-files.
  • New languages available in xStarter: French, Hungarian, Hebrew.
  • Some bugs fixed.

November 25, 2004 xStarter 1.60

  • New actions for playing audio files have been added, so you can now play WAV, MP3 files and also Windows system sounds.
  • New option: SearchFiles. With this action it's possible to search files in specified folder and exclude files from search results by masks.
  • Now you can directly use the results from SearchFile as input parameters for other actions. For example if SearchFile found the string "c:\log.txt;c:\also_log.txt”, this could be used to delete, backup etc all files within the search results string.
  • Some file and archive actions now contain the option to Exclude Files. For example, using the mask facility you can exclude "*.exe;*.txt". These files will be not processed by this action.
  • New action: FileProperties. This action checks the main properties of a specified file or folder. Can be used to perform file operations only with files what satisfy some conditions (e.g. if size of file more than 2Mb or file is read-only). If this action returns Success=False then the file will not be processed.
  • New action: HTML2Text. With this option it's possible to convert webpages or html files into plain text. It's possible now to create a Webpage trigger with this option, e.g. show a notification only when some webpage changes was founded. Or it's possible to track internet availability if Ping is not possible (e.g. beyond any Firewall).
  • New action: ScreenShot. It's possible to create screenshots of full screen or active window or screen region (by coordinates). Screenshots can be saved as BMP or JPG files. Action can be used, for example, by webmasters (for screenshotting and publishing of webpages) and system administrators (users can make screenshots with program errors by hotkey and send them to system administrator by email).
  • Some improvements to task configurator. Now actions can change their position via Drag&Drop operations. Main program windows now remember their state and position after closing.
  • Now with even more examples to guide you.
  • Some bugs fixed.

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