December 16, 2004

xStarter 1.61

  • New actions for moving files have been added.
  • Action SendKey can not contain additional command for changing keyboard layout. So, it's possible now to send text in your own language. E.g. {LNG EN}Hello {LNG DE}Gruß
  • New trigger: SerialPort event. With this event it's possible now to launch xStarter tasks by Serial port (RS-232) commands. Also in actions can be parsed readed from serial port string {ComEvent.String}.
  • Action SendMail now contain option for storing sended messages in EML or MSG files. This files can be opened then by different email programs.
  • Now xStarter tasks logs are stored in separate log-files.
  • New languages available in xStarter: French, Hungarian, Hebrew.
  • Some bugs fixed.

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