November 25, 2004

xStarter 1.60

  • New actions for playing audio files have been added, so you can now play WAV, MP3 files and also Windows system sounds.
  • New option: SearchFiles. With this action it's possible to search files in specified folder and exclude files from search results by masks.
  • Now you can directly use the results from SearchFile as input parameters for other actions. For example if SearchFile found the string "c:\log.txt;c:\also_log.txt”, this could be used to delete, backup etc all files within the search results string.
  • Some file and archive actions now contain the option to Exclude Files. For example, using the mask facility you can exclude "*.exe;*.txt". These files will be not processed by this action.
  • New action: FileProperties. This action checks the main properties of a specified file or folder. Can be used to perform file operations only with files what satisfy some conditions (e.g. if size of file more than 2Mb or file is read-only). If this action returns Success=False then the file will not be processed.
  • New action: HTML2Text. With this option it's possible to convert webpages or html files into plain text. It's possible now to create a Webpage trigger with this option, e.g. show a notification only when some webpage changes was founded. Or it's possible to track internet availability if Ping is not possible (e.g. beyond any Firewall).
  • New action: ScreenShot. It's possible to create screenshots of full screen or active window or screen region (by coordinates). Screenshots can be saved as BMP or JPG files. Action can be used, for example, by webmasters (for screenshotting and publishing of webpages) and system administrators (users can make screenshots with program errors by hotkey and send them to system administrator by email).
  • Some improvements to task configurator. Now actions can change their position via Drag&Drop operations. Main program windows now remember their state and position after closing.
  • Now with even more examples to guide you.
  • Some bugs fixed.

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