May 15, 2005

xStarter 1.63

  • Actions RunProcess, TerminateProcess, ProcessCount now contain option PID, that allows handling via process ID. It terminates the process in the future by this ID, not by process name.
  • New return parameter ExitCode in action RunProcess. It's possible now to receive process execution status or Batch (.BAT) file working result.
  • New option added "Keep files created at last N days" in Action DeleteOldBackups. This retains the last N days of backup.
  • New Action ExcelMacro that allows execution of Microsoft Excel Macros. You only need to specify .xls filename and macro name.
  • In the Task Configuration window, when Log tab active and while execution of current task log is enabled, the screen will refresh in auto mode. It's possible not to refresh on-screen log using the F5 Key.
  • It's now possible to work with global and local variables. You can set variable value using Action SetVariable and use this value in another (or current) task via constructor {VarName}. For example, in task Task1 you create new variable SetVariable: MyVar1='abc' and in task Task2 use value of this variable: ShowMessage: 'Hello {MyVar1}'
  • Action FTPDelete has been added. Action FTPDownload now return Success=True only if file size on FTP Server is equal to file size of local downloaded file.
  • All FTP actions have been modified to allow you to connect and work with FTP Server thru a Firewall or Proxy Server. Also, an option has been added to allow connection to FTP server using encrypted SSL/TLS connection. For establishing such connection, you will need additional library OpenSSL:
  • Fixed bug related to all Complex Time Format. Preferences were discarded if task was disabled via menu in Windows tray. Also there was a problem with starting task in Sunday.
  • Fixed bug in action WindowCommand with option Close when window is not closed, but minimized.
  • Some bugs fixed.

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