February 16, 2005

xStarter 1.62

  • New actions for working with Clipboard have been added. It's now possible to use action CopyText for writing any text or internal variable value into the Clipboard. Action Paste has also been added for inserting clipboard contents into currently active window. Use TextFromClipboard action to extract clipboard contents.
  • Action CheckMail now contain options for saving email attachments into specified folder.
  • Action LPR has been added for sending files to network printers.
  • Has been added actions for file's groups processing. With action FirstLastFile it's possible now to find first or last file in specified folder by file size, modification date/time, file name, etc. Action FileNames can be useful for extracting file name parts, for example, file folder, disk, short name, etc. Action SearchFolders can also be used for file processing.
  • The program have been improved to allow exporting/importing tasks and task logs. A function also exists to export full information about task options into HTML file.
  • Some modifications have been made in the file system trigger. It's now possible to specify task execution only when the size of new files have changed for some period of time. This modification can be useful for monitoring new files that were transferred to the current computer via the FTP protocol.
  • Some bugs fixed.

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