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September 8, 2006 xStarter Web Pilot Version 1.84

  • Direct connect to remote computers right from Web Pilot window and creating, editing of remote tasks.
  • In the Tasks Transfer window it's possible to create sections on remote computers.
  • Action HTTPPost now contain proxy options.

August 31, 2006 xStarter 1.84

  • Integrated COM server interface. It's now possible to get sections, tasks list and run tasks from any development tool that supports COM. Here is it little example for Delphi: http://www.xstarter.com/download/com_demo.zip
  • Under Program Preferences, an option "Clear logs periodically" was added that indicate the numbers of days to store logs.
  • New mathematical actions Absolute, Rounding and Random.
  • New action BetweenCharsets, this feature will allow conversion between different charsets.
  • New action DateTimeMath, this allows you to calculate date values (e.g. calculate what date was yesterday).
  • New action TaskLog, this allows you to write text information directly in the task log.
  • New action HTTPPostFile.
  • Action ShowMessage now allows displaying messages in the system tray using an icon.
  • Action CheckMail now returns email dates, attachment files list and filenames used when saved in specified folder.
  • Action Comment is now displayed in the actions list with special background color.
  • New parameter in the tasks, "Don't run task by scheduler at holidays, vacations, etc". You can edit dates in the dates dictionary located in Program Preferences.
  • Fixed problem with running tasks during establishing connection using Dial up. The problem occurred when there was more than one dial up connection in the system.
  • Fixed little memory leaks.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.

May 2, 2006 xStarter 1.83

  • In the action Sleep, it is now possible to setup the time when the computer will be woken up. This option works for Hibernate mode too.
  • In the actions FtpSyncUpload and FtpSyncDownload, options were added for specifying log file names. Log entries contain full FTP commands history.
  • File system monitoring Event can now scan specified folder periodically and find any changes. Old file system monitoring mode still exists and scans specified folder for changes only after receiving special Windows messages. This mode does not work in some cases (with network folders, some removable drives, etc). New monitoring method works in such cases successfully.
  • In Hotkey event, it’s now possible to specify where the hotkey will be sent, including in another application, not only in xStarter. Also, it’s possible to specify an applications list where the hotkey will work.
  • New actions RARPack and RARUnPack. WinRar archiving is now supported.
  • New actions ExportInRegFile and ImportInRegistry.
  • New action to control computer audio device volume SetVolume.
  • New action EmptyRecycleBin.
  • Action's ShowMessage windows now will not be hidden under another windows.
  • In the action DialUp/Connect, new result parameters were added: ClientIP, ServerIP.
  • New function IP_ADDRESSES, returns all IP addresses of the local computer.
  • It’s now possible to disable each task log on the page Task Log.
  • Added new action GetDriveInfo. Also added actions to lock/unlock CD drives LockUnlock.
  • New actions for working with texts, TextLength and TextFormat.
  • New actions NumToDec and DecToNum, they allow to convert numbers between different numeric systems..
  • Fixed problem with second DialUp action in one task.
  • Fixed problems with xStarter working in Windows NT4.
  • Fixed bug with filenames formatting in the Backup action.
  • Fixed bug in DeleteOldBackups action.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.

March 20, 2006 xStarter 1.82

  • Tab Additional of each task now contain option to stop running task if it already runned and does not finish working yet.
  • New function RUNNINGTASKSCOUNT return number of running in current moment tasks.
  • New action WinAmpControl.
  • New action MathOperation.
  • New action TextReverse.
  • Was added option to select printer in the action Print.
  • In all password fields now possible to use action parameters and functions.
  • Modified actions Zip, Backup allows to archive occupied by another processes files.
  • New actions to turn monitor on and off: MonitorOn, MonitorOff.
  • New action what allow to work with the Windows registry: ReadRegistryValue, WriteRegistryValue.
  • New options in the action SendICQMessage to perform authorization.
  • Was added new text functions what returns square brackets and braces.
  • In the action AskMessage was added option to close window by Timeout.
  • Action for macro playing renamed to PlayMacro.
  • New action to convert texts WIN<->DOS: AnsiToOem, OemToAnsi.
  • TextLoop statement now works much faster.
  • Fixed errors in actions Zip, Backup. Now folders adds in the archives with correct structure.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.

February 24, 2006 xStarter 1.81

  • Program was redesigned to fix problems with regards to showing the program icon in the system tray when launching in Service Mode as preferred by some users.
  • In the case of Terminal Services application, each user logged on will see the program on the System Tray but Tasks will run only in one instance. This will prevent Tasks from running multiple times for multiple users logged in on Terminal Services.
  • While program is running on a computer with Terminal Services installed and with a working terminal client connection, the xStarter icon appears on all user's desktops. If you need to show icon for some users only (e.g. only for Administrators), this can be configured in the program under Preferences.
  • On a Task's Additional Tab, a new option called “Run on Desktop of the current user” was added. This option specifies a task to be run with desktop interaction of the user whose Action launched this Task. (e.g. if a task was launched on event “Before user logoff” then with this option, it will execute all interactive actions on the desktop of the logged off user). Without this option, task will be executed on the desktop of first logged on user.
  • Action DialUp/Connect with successful connection, returns connection speed.
  • Added event to run tasks on windows deactivation.
  • It's possible now to specify a Password in the program under Preferences. If a password is specified, it will prompt for the password when the program is called from the System Tray.
  • In the Actions Copy , Move , Synchronize , FtpSyncUpload , FtpSyncDownload , an option called “Include subfolders” was added.
  • In the action RunProcess , an option was added called “Wait until application exits” to wait for the process to finish before proceeding to the next Action to execution.
  • New actions MouseMove and MouseClick , allows for mouse cursor movements and clicks. This is located under the Macro Action.
  • New action ActiveWindowParams , returning parameters of current active window: caption, exe path, etc.
  • If on an action DialConnect that has a connection already established, Action will return Success=True.
  • In the action CheckMail, an option was added called “Convert charsets” to decode message content.
  • Added events that will allow running of tasks Before user logoff/computer shutdown, A fter Logon/Logoff .
  • Added event that will allow tasks to run on dialup connection/disconnection.
  • Added option to make screenshots in Grayscale format.
  • It's possible now to specify the option to run the program on Windows Startup/Logon only for the user or for all users under Preferences.
  • Action ShowMessage can now show messages tool tips in the system tray. Additionally, it's possible to specify timeout after which messages will be hidden automatically.
  • New action SortText allows sorting of text with different options
  • New actions ReadIniValue , WriteIniValue , allows writing and reading of parameters to/from Ini files.
  • New action SeialPortWriteEx with additional parameters to communicate with devices via RS232 port.
  • Actions SearchFiles and SearchFolders now return value Count – number of files or folders found.
  • Fixed problem with CheckMail action, text files in the attachment are now stored as files.
  • Fixed some other minor and major bugs.

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