May 2, 2006

xStarter 1.83

  • In the action Sleep, it is now possible to setup the time when the computer will be woken up. This option works for Hibernate mode too.
  • In the actions FtpSyncUpload and FtpSyncDownload, options were added for specifying log file names. Log entries contain full FTP commands history.
  • File system monitoring Event can now scan specified folder periodically and find any changes. Old file system monitoring mode still exists and scans specified folder for changes only after receiving special Windows messages. This mode does not work in some cases (with network folders, some removable drives, etc). New monitoring method works in such cases successfully.
  • In Hotkey event, it’s now possible to specify where the hotkey will be sent, including in another application, not only in xStarter. Also, it’s possible to specify an applications list where the hotkey will work.
  • New actions RARPack and RARUnPack. WinRar archiving is now supported.
  • New actions ExportInRegFile and ImportInRegistry.
  • New action to control computer audio device volume SetVolume.
  • New action EmptyRecycleBin.
  • Action's ShowMessage windows now will not be hidden under another windows.
  • In the action DialUp/Connect, new result parameters were added: ClientIP, ServerIP.
  • New function IP_ADDRESSES, returns all IP addresses of the local computer.
  • It’s now possible to disable each task log on the page Task Log.
  • Added new action GetDriveInfo. Also added actions to lock/unlock CD drives LockUnlock.
  • New actions for working with texts, TextLength and TextFormat.
  • New actions NumToDec and DecToNum, they allow to convert numbers between different numeric systems..
  • Fixed problem with second DialUp action in one task.
  • Fixed problems with xStarter working in Windows NT4.
  • Fixed bug with filenames formatting in the Backup action.
  • Fixed bug in DeleteOldBackups action.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.

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