August 31, 2006

xStarter 1.84

  • Integrated COM server interface. It's now possible to get sections, tasks list and run tasks from any development tool that supports COM. Here is it little example for Delphi:
  • Under Program Preferences, an option "Clear logs periodically" was added that indicate the numbers of days to store logs.
  • New mathematical actions Absolute, Rounding and Random.
  • New action BetweenCharsets, this feature will allow conversion between different charsets.
  • New action DateTimeMath, this allows you to calculate date values (e.g. calculate what date was yesterday).
  • New action TaskLog, this allows you to write text information directly in the task log.
  • New action HTTPPostFile.
  • Action ShowMessage now allows displaying messages in the system tray using an icon.
  • Action CheckMail now returns email dates, attachment files list and filenames used when saved in specified folder.
  • Action Comment is now displayed in the actions list with special background color.
  • New parameter in the tasks, "Don't run task by scheduler at holidays, vacations, etc". You can edit dates in the dates dictionary located in Program Preferences.
  • Fixed problem with running tasks during establishing connection using Dial up. The problem occurred when there was more than one dial up connection in the system.
  • Fixed little memory leaks.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.

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