March 20, 2006

xStarter 1.82

  • Tab Additional of each task now contain option to stop running task if it already runned and does not finish working yet.
  • New function RUNNINGTASKSCOUNT return number of running in current moment tasks.
  • New action WinAmpControl.
  • New action MathOperation.
  • New action TextReverse.
  • Was added option to select printer in the action Print.
  • In all password fields now possible to use action parameters and functions.
  • Modified actions Zip, Backup allows to archive occupied by another processes files.
  • New actions to turn monitor on and off: MonitorOn, MonitorOff.
  • New action what allow to work with the Windows registry: ReadRegistryValue, WriteRegistryValue.
  • New options in the action SendICQMessage to perform authorization.
  • Was added new text functions what returns square brackets and braces.
  • In the action AskMessage was added option to close window by Timeout.
  • Action for macro playing renamed to PlayMacro.
  • New action to convert texts WIN<->DOS: AnsiToOem, OemToAnsi.
  • TextLoop statement now works much faster.
  • Fixed errors in actions Zip, Backup. Now folders adds in the archives with correct structure.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.

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