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June 18, 2007 xStarter FBIB 1.8.8

  • The program now can run tasks by database's events posted via command POST_EVENT.
  • It's now possible to compile xStarter FBIB tasks into distributable .exe files. Tasks now are portable and don't need xStarter FBIB to be installed on computers where tasks will be executed.

June 5, 2007 xStarter 1.8.8

  • The program now supports the ClearType technology of smoothing fonts.
  • The FileHash action has been added, hashes are created with the help of the CRC32 or MD5 methods.
  • A filter by the external addresses commands can be received from has been added to the TCP/IP monitoring event.
  • The Secure option where you can set the TLS or SSL security method has been added to the SendMail action. Now messages from GMail mailboxes are successfully sent.
  • The SSL option has been added to the CheckMail, DeleteMail actions. Now messages from GMail mailboxes are successfully received.
  • The Case-Sensitive option has been added to the ReplaceText action.
  • The bug that made it impossible to import tasks if the current task and section list was empty has been fixed.
  • It is now possible to export tasks without passwords. It is useful when you send tasks to people who should not know your passwords.
  • The option for stopping a task has been added to the DisableTask action.
  • Action FirstLastFile now contain fields to specify files masks for including files and excluding files during file search.
  • The InputVar actions coming in a row are now displayed in one dialog box during execution.
  • The FolderProperties action has been added, it returns such folder properties as creation and modification dates, attributes.
  • The CheckMail action can now be at the end of only message headers.
  • The event allowing you to launch tasks when processes are started/stopped has been added.
  • Now you can send the Win key in the SendKeys action as well, for example, #(L).
  • Events starting tasks when the system is idle now work somewhat differently. This event used to analyze keystrokes and mouse clicks/movements directly. Now hooks are not used and a special Windows function returning the system idle time is analyzed.
  • Now it is possible to specify the list of addresses to listen to in the properties of the TCP/IP event, addresses must be separated from each other with a semicolon.
  • The option that disables popup windows when records are added to the task log is now available. You can find this option in the log options on the task log tab.
  • When the task log tab is open and when records are being added to the list, the whole log is no longer loaded, only the new records are loaded. It adds some "smoothness" to loading new records.
  • Hook libraries are now excluded from the distribution package of the program and can be downloaded separately. It is done because a lot of antivirus software and firewalls consider these libraries malicious and spoil the reputation of the program. Due to the exclusion of these libraries, a number of events work with limitations (window events, keyword events, hotkey events if it is specified in what window the key combination should be processed).
  • The bug causing an error while playing one sound file first from the task configurator and then according to the scheduler from the service application has been fixed.
  • Fixed some other minor bugs.

January 21, 2007 xStarter 1.8.7

  • It's now possible to compile xStarter tasks into distributable .exe files. Tasks now are portable and don't need xStarter to be installed on computers where tasks will be executed.
  • New tab in each task was added to specify variables where users can fill during task start. It can be useful in portable tasks too.
  • New action InputVar, it allows to ask user to fill some values. E.g. user can enter name of file that must be copied.
  • Program preferences now contains an option "Show each task log while execution in popup windows". Popup message hides automatically after 5 seconds.
  • In the task log tab, a new option was added "Detailed execution log". With this option enabled, the task log will contain detailed information about each action, from startup, during execution and results of execution.
  • Program now contain option to check new version exists automatically each week. This option can be disabled in the program preferences.
  • New action ReloadTasks, it allows reloading sections and tasks from modified or new sections files without restarting program. So, sections files can be copied from some remote computer and will be applied after ReloadTasks action has been executed.
  • New action TasksList, main role is for extracting tasks list. It can be useful for performing some operations with tasks at once, in the TextLoop (e.g. for disabling of all tasks or for running tasks that contain word "Backup" in the name).
  • Action FirstLastFile now contain fields to specify files masks for including files and excluding files during file search.
  • New event to run tasks by commands from HID devices. E.g. it's possible to create tasks, running by joystick buttons pressing or from other devices like Nintendo Wiimote.
  • In the action SetVariable now possible to specify variable data type. This allow to perform statements If and WhileDo correctly with not-string values.
  • Fixed problems with option "Don't run task again if already running" during tasks launching from different processes.
  • Fixed problem with what tasks was not running sometimes in different processes.
  • Fixed error in the action FtpSyncDownload, during this error, it was not correctly checking date/time of files modified and created in the FTP folder and in local folder.
  • Fixed some other minor bugs.

November 26, 2006 xStarter 1.86

  • New option on a Task's Additional Tab to setup Environment options
  • Action Synchronize not have output parameters enumerated: new, changed and deleted files.
  • New actions SendMsnMessage and SendAimMessage.
  • Fixed errors when launching tasks in separate process.
  • Fixed error in program Preferences regarding username and password for launching xStarter as an NT service.
  • Fixed error in Windows trigger regarding not being able to launch tasks during on Destroy Windows event.
  • Fixed some other minor bugs.

October 22, 2006 xStarter 1.85

  • Windows events now has the option to trigger on top-level windows only or on any windows.
  • In action editing window, it's possible to select the Actions to show: Standard or Advanced.
  • Now possible to store global variable values in files. In this, it can be saved to file or read from file. It's useful for tasks that deal with different processes that use the same variables. Additionally, these values can be stored after each computer or program restart.
  • Action ReplaceText now can replace text in the specified file.
  • In the action Delete, an option was added to check file existence before deletion. If this option is not selected and a file list is specified, if one of files does not exist, none of the files will be deleted.
  • New statement While.Do. statement for loops creation.
  • New action ShowPopup with possibility to show any text with specified timeout.
  • New actions ASCIIToChr and ChrToASCII.
  • New action WaitWindow will allow the task to continue only after the specified window appears on screen.
  • New action SendYahooMessage, it allows you to send messages to Yahoo Messenger.
  • A lot of changes in action SendKeys. Now it's possible to specify window in the send keys. Additionally, now application activating works much better.
  • New action for turning computer on. It's working only if computer was slept via Hibernate mode.
  • Fixed some bugs.

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