January 21, 2007

xStarter 1.8.7

  • It's now possible to compile xStarter tasks into distributable .exe files. Tasks now are portable and don't need xStarter to be installed on computers where tasks will be executed.
  • New tab in each task was added to specify variables where users can fill during task start. It can be useful in portable tasks too.
  • New action InputVar, it allows to ask user to fill some values. E.g. user can enter name of file that must be copied.
  • Program preferences now contains an option "Show each task log while execution in popup windows". Popup message hides automatically after 5 seconds.
  • In the task log tab, a new option was added "Detailed execution log". With this option enabled, the task log will contain detailed information about each action, from startup, during execution and results of execution.
  • Program now contain option to check new version exists automatically each week. This option can be disabled in the program preferences.
  • New action ReloadTasks, it allows reloading sections and tasks from modified or new sections files without restarting program. So, sections files can be copied from some remote computer and will be applied after ReloadTasks action has been executed.
  • New action TasksList, main role is for extracting tasks list. It can be useful for performing some operations with tasks at once, in the TextLoop (e.g. for disabling of all tasks or for running tasks that contain word "Backup" in the name).
  • Action FirstLastFile now contain fields to specify files masks for including files and excluding files during file search.
  • New event to run tasks by commands from HID devices. E.g. it's possible to create tasks, running by joystick buttons pressing or from other devices like Nintendo Wiimote.
  • In the action SetVariable now possible to specify variable data type. This allow to perform statements If and WhileDo correctly with not-string values.
  • Fixed problems with option "Don't run task again if already running" during tasks launching from different processes.
  • Fixed problem with what tasks was not running sometimes in different processes.
  • Fixed error in the action FtpSyncDownload, during this error, it was not correctly checking date/time of files modified and created in the FTP folder and in local folder.
  • Fixed some other minor bugs.

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