October 22, 2006

xStarter 1.85

  • Windows events now has the option to trigger on top-level windows only or on any windows.
  • In action editing window, it's possible to select the Actions to show: Standard or Advanced.
  • Now possible to store global variable values in files. In this, it can be saved to file or read from file. It's useful for tasks that deal with different processes that use the same variables. Additionally, these values can be stored after each computer or program restart.
  • Action ReplaceText now can replace text in the specified file.
  • In the action Delete, an option was added to check file existence before deletion. If this option is not selected and a file list is specified, if one of files does not exist, none of the files will be deleted.
  • New statement While.Do. statement for loops creation.
  • New action ShowPopup with possibility to show any text with specified timeout.
  • New actions ASCIIToChr and ChrToASCII.
  • New action WaitWindow will allow the task to continue only after the specified window appears on screen.
  • New action SendYahooMessage, it allows you to send messages to Yahoo Messenger.
  • A lot of changes in action SendKeys. Now it's possible to specify window in the send keys. Additionally, now application activating works much better.
  • New action for turning computer on. It's working only if computer was slept via Hibernate mode.
  • Fixed some bugs.

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