This Action is designed for removing messages from a mail server.

Mail Host
This is a domain name / IP address of the mail server, which supports POP3 protocol.

This is the mail server's port, which is used for accepting POP3 connections. Most common value for the port is 110.

User Name
This is a login name of the user's POP3-account on the mail server.

This is a password of the user's POP3-account on the mail server.

Message UIDL for Deleting
This setting contains a unique identifier of the email message that has to be deleted. This ID can be obtained from Output Parameters of CheckMail Action.
For example, after performing CheckMail Action a TextLoop is created that looks into emails' subjects. Depending on the subject, particular emails are deleted from the mail server, and a corresponding part of CheckMail's MessUidls text block is used as the UIDL parameter. GetTextBlockN Action can be used in order to pick the corresponding UIDL parameter.