This Action is designed for extracting a given text block (by its number) from a text. The delimiter that separates text blocks one from another should also be set.
For example, the third text block in "World Wide Web" string with the space character as a delimiter will be "Web".

This Action can be used for searching for text blocks, related to a particular email, in Output Parameters of CheckMail Action. For example, the delimiter of CheckMail Action is set to ""|||", and there are two messages on the mail server having subjects "Hello" and "Invoice" and bodies "Hello, John, " and "Invoice from Laboratory ". Then Output Parameters will have the following text blocks returned: MessSubjects will be "Hello|||Invoice", MessTexts will be "Hello, John, |||Invoice from Laboratory " and MessUidls will be "12315457792323|||457913213464".

With the use of TextLoop Statement, you can loop through subjects of emails and determine which email has to be deleted. The e-mail's ID can be extracted from MessUidls Output Parameter by GetTextBlockN Action using the number of the text block (obtained from TextLoop.LoopIndex) and the delimiter ("|||").

Specified Text
This is a text where the text block should be extracted from.

Delimiter Text
This is a delimiter that separates text blocks one from another.

Text Block Number
This is a number of the text block to be extracted from Specified Text.

This is the text block from Specified Text that was numbered with the given number.