June 26, 2009

xStarter 1.9.3

  • Actions for working with SFTP have been added, that are SFTPSyncDownload, SFTPSyncUpload, SFTPDownload and SFTPUpload.
  • Polish language has been updated. A lot of thanks to Janusz Grzybek.
  • Hook libraries have been modified for working with window events and getting window titles in Unicode.
  • The FtpSyncUpload action has been optimized. Now the entire structure of the directory on the FTP server will not be requested in case a small number of local directories/files are specified.
  • Now it is possible to specify string variable input on multiple lines and to select several files in the InputVar action.
  • The parameter allowing you to specify exceptions has been added in the Backup action.
  • In case any errors occur in the service application, they will neither be displayed on the screen nor interrupt other active tasks. You will be offered to send reports about these bugs to the support service next time you open the main window of the program.
  • The DeleteRegistryData action has been added.
  • The SetFileDateTime action has been added.
  • Now it is possible to set coordinates with the help of a "sight" in the MouseMove action.
  • Now it is possible to differentiate between windows by ClassName in the WindowCommand, FindWindows, WaitWindow, SendKey and SendText actions. It is also possible to select windows with a "sight".
  • The Html2Text action now determines the encoding of loaded pages and changes it before converting them to text.
  • The WriteToLog and ReadFromLog actions working with text files have been switched to Unicode. Now it is possible to specify the Unicode encoding type: UTF-8 or UTF-16.
  • The option checking the existence of the file has been removed from the Delete action, it is always checked now. Now it is possible not to delete files in subdirectories, it is especially useful if file masks are used.
  • The SendKey and SendText actions have been switched to Unicode. It allows you not to specify the keyboard layout when you send text to programs supporting Unicode.
  • File copy operations (in the Synchronize, Copy, Move actions) now use a new mechanism that makes them work faster. Also, now directory attributes and NTFS properties are copied completely when file operations are performed.
  • The system kernel has been completely switched to Unicode. Now it is possible to use characters from different encodings in any parameters. All actions working with processes, the clipboard, drives, files, FTP, windows, tasks and variables now completely support Unicode.
  • The new DeleteEmptyFolders action deleting empty folders inside the specified one.
  • The new ContinueLoop action for jumping to the next loop iteration.
  • Now it is possible to specify the priority of processes being run in the RunProcess, 7zPack actions.
  • The bug with the request of administrator privileges has been fixed.
  • The problem with the web interface in the Web Pilot version has been fixed.

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