January 26, 2009

xStarter 1.9.2

  • Now it is possible to fulfill missed jobs. Scheduled jobs that were not performed because the computer was off or the program was not running may become missed jobs.
  • The projectors MITSUBISHI XL6600U/XL6500U/XL6600LU/XL6500LU are now supported in the ProjectControl action.
  • The new ShowMessageExt action has been added.
  • The event occurring at program startup now returns the PID of the process and the handle of the main window MainWnd.
  • Now it is possible to enable/disable all jobs in a section.
  • Event parameters are now sent to jobs run in a separate process as well.
  • The UnZip action now returns the list of extracted files.
  • The FtpSetPermissions action allowing you to set permissions for files and folders on an FTP server has been added.
  • Now it is possible to select the sorting type for the list of returned files in the SearchFiles action.
  • The WriteToLog action now has the option of clearing the log file before writing to it.
  • The PIDs parameter returning the list of PIDs for found processes has been added to the LaunchedProcessCount action.
  • The option disabling the context menu for each task in the system tray is now available. Now a job will be run when you click it.
  • The folder with sections is now located in the system data folder by default, instead of Program Files. It is true if the program is not installed above its old location. If it is, sections will remain where they are.
  • The SendKey action now sends keystrokes in series, which makes the operation faster in case of multi-user configurations.
  • The problem with the USBSafeRemove action in Windows Vista has been fixed.
  • The problem with executing scripts in the FbIbScriptExecute action and further operations in the dataset has been fixed.
  • The bug in the trigger for the Firebird/Interbase events has been fixed.
  • Fixed some other minor bugs.

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