July 28, 2008

xStarter 1.9.1

  • A new option allowing you to download only new messages is now available in the CheckMail action.
  • Now it is possible to pass keystrokes to the system login (or computer lock) dialog box in the SendCtrlAltDel action. For example, now you can send the Ctrl+Alt+Del key combination if the computer is locked and then emulate typing the password and pressing Enter.
  • Now you use the file trigger to enable and disable running tasks when accessing files (for example, if you open files properties in Explorer).
  • Now it is possible to use event parameters in tasks run on the current user's desktop.
  • Now the Dialup / Connect action has the Errors parameter containing the text of errors that occurred during a connection attempt.
  • The FileVersion parameter allowing you to get the file version is now available in the FileProperites action.
  • The interface for specifying the task that should be enabled, disabled or run has been changed in the EnableTask, DisableTask and RunTask actions. This change will allow you to use the "." character in the names of sections and tasks.
  • A new parameter allowing you to block the keyboard and mouse for a while (while keystrokes are being passed) is now available in the SendKeys and SendText actions.
  • The SendMouse, SetWindowPos and SetWindowMenu actions for sending mouse commands, setting window coordinates and operations with the menu have been added.
  • The SevenZPack and SevenZUnpack actions for packing/unpacking files in 7zip have been added.
  • Now you can filter actions by text in the action list.
  • Now you can add a comment to each action and expression in the task.
  • Now it is possible to search for tasks by the specified text in the task name or in the actions/their parameters.
  • The div and mod operations are now available in the MathOperation action.
  • The GetMousePos action has been added.
  • The DATETIME function has been added.
  • The HTML output parameter is now available in the Html2Text action.
  • The problem with displaying the program icon in the tray in Windows 2003 R2 and the enabled option of displaying the icon only for some users.
  • The problem with creating a desktop shortcut to a task in case the program is running as an NT service has been fixed.
  • The problem with the width of the first column in the action list in case of a lot of embedded actions has been fixed.
  • The problem with displaying the menu in the tray in case several monitors are used on the computer has been fixed.
  • The bug causing an error with stopping the service during a logout in multi-user configurations (for example, in case of RDP sessions) has been fixed.
  • The bug causing an error with displaying a file name while saving tasks/section in Windows Vista has been fixed.

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