December 21, 2005

xStarter 1.72

  • Dutch language has been updated. A lot of thanks to Henk van der laan.
  • New option to launch tasks by keywords. E.g. it's possible to specify keyword "task1" end after entering of such word in any Windows program task will be runned.
  • Added option to search text with regular expressions in "greedy" mode.
  • New action WakeUpOnLan allows waking up a computer on the LAN, if they have such an option in their BIOS.
  • New action GetMACAdress return MAC address of computer in local network. Computers must have the active NetBIOS protocol in their network preferences.
  • New action MessageToTCPIPClient allows you to send messages back to computer-sender of message in the TCP/IP Listener. E.g. it's possible to send message back to the telnet session on another computer or in the PHP script on your website.
  • Event TCP/IP Listener now return RemoteIP and RemotePort. After analysis of the values it's possible to permit running of task or not.
  • Event TCP/IP Listener now has the option to listen to packets only on selected IP address of local computer.
  • Action list now can be extended via buttons in the list title. This option allows you to see all action parameters.
  • Action CheckMail now returns values MessFrom and MessTo.
  • Fixed error with enabling/disabling of task with TCP/IP Listener event.
  • Fixed error with variables having the same names.
  • Other minor bugs fixed.

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