October 17, 2005

xStarter 1.70

  • Italiano language has been added. A lot of thanks to Francesco Musella.
  • German language has been updated. A lot of thanks to Christian Heutger.
  • New action ReplaceText .
  • New actions UpperText and LowerText to convert text in uppercase and lowercase.
  • New actions ExitTask and ExitLoop .
  • Now it's possible to shift tasks inside sections using Drag and Drop operations.
  • A feature has been added to select what actions and statements will be launched in a task. A button on the toolbar called “Enable/disable actions selecting” is now available.
  • You can now use the Else in the If statement condition.
  • Action SynchronizeFolders now contain fields to specify included and excluded files in the synchronization process.
  • Each task now can contain description (Additional Tab) with simple html tags inside.
  • New action FtpCreateFolder .
  • Action FTPDelete now contains option to delete folders from FTP server.
  • Action LaunchedProcessCount can return number of executed processes by specifying the file mask. E.g. it's possible to know how many processes ran with file mask *.exe or win*.exe .
  • In the window “Parameter selection” it's possible now to select variables.
  • In the action CheckMail , it is now possible to select how to save email attachments when files already exist in the directory: overwrite existing, save with unique file name or don't save.
  • Action SendMail can now send several files in the attachment. Files can be specified by files list (separated by semicolon) or by files mask (e.g. *.txt;*.doc).
  • Added new action to work with date and time: GetDateTime , GetDateTimeBetween . Using this action, it's possible to delete all files in a specified folder that are 2 weeks old (Deleting/Purging old files).
  • New action UnZip , support file types: zip, gzip, cab.
  • In the actions Zip and Backup it's possible now to select compression level.
  • Action Zip now supports relative and absolute paths.
  • It's possible now to setup internal task variable from the command line. For example, you can create a task that creates a shortcut on the desktop and in the Target field, add text at the end: - set myvar1="hello1" set var2="hello friend". If any action of this task will contain variable value {MYVAR1}, then this variable will be replaced by value from command line hello1.
  • xStarter now has the option in the program Preferences to select the folder where to store sections with tasks and program log files.
  • An option has been added to check file corruption errors during FTP operations – option Check XCRC. This option is supported by a limited number of FTP servers.
  • An error has been fixed in the statement If . Now all comparisons are being processed in the types of compared variables.
  • Fixed error with action FtpSyncUpload, it was not previously coping files in binary mode.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.

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