August 11, 2005

xStarter 1.65

  • SysLogMessage - now it's possible to send messages to SysLog server.
  • NTEventLogMessage action - this action allows to write your own messages in the NT Event log.
  • MessageViaTCPIP - Now it's possible to send some strings to TCP/IP host, e.g. to xStarter installed on another network computer or to any other program what can process this data.
  • Now there are new events available by which tasks can be launched: TCP/IP socket listener. With this event it's now possible to run tasks then xStarter receives commands or simple strings from another programs, devices, computers. For example: it's now possible to run tasks through commands from your website.
  • All FTP related actions are now added with "Passive mode" option for passive FTP connections.
  • FTPSyncDownload action now contain option "Copy only files created or modified during last N days". It can be useful for coping only recent files.
  • Synchronization action provides a powerful option to "Copy only recent files". It also allows to not copying files in the target folder if files are newer on the source folder. For example It can be used, for synchronizing desktop and laptop computers and not overwriting newer files on another side.
  • Also there are new possibility to copy only new or changed files in third folder called as “Differences dir”. It can be useful for sending to your customers only changed or new files from last sending.
  • New fields "CC" and "BCC" in the action SendEmail.
  • Previously xStarter action WindowCommand could not close some application windows (e.g. Internet Explorer) due to a Microsoft Windowslimitation. Now WindowCommand action has an added option to "Terminate application if unable to close window" to overcome this limitation.
  • It's now possible to terminate working task in the UI, to launch only one action from the actions list.
  • This new version now provides function to duplicate any action in the task (but not statement) and Drag&Drop function which can be used to copy action into another tasks.
  • Some bugs fixed.

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