August 13, 2004

xStarter 1.53

  • New action for connecting and disconnecting shared network resources. Program fill username and password itself.
  • All tasks now can be ran in different process. In this case it’s possible to run task from other user then current logged on.
  • All password filled in program now stored in crypt form.
  • Now even if main program (xstarter.exe) works like NT service then the main configuration window (xstartui.exe) runs from current logged on user and with security rights of this user.
  • It’s possible now to see log of runs/executions of all xStarter tasks.
  • In Zip action was added option for archiving with password.
  • Idle trigger was extended. Now tasks can be executed not only after some idle time but also then this idle time will finished (user press keys or move mouse).
  • Fixed: Error with saving complex format of time.
  • Fixed: Other minor errors.

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