May 22, 2004

xStarter 1.41

  • Now with xStarter possible to make some operations with windows: close, maximize. minimize, hide, etc.
  • Was added new option CheckMail. This action have result parameters MessCount, MessSubjects and MessTexts. So, this parameters can be used to trigger some other actions if come text will be founded in any from it.
  • Programs can be launched now in Normal, Maximized, Minimized or Hided states.
  • Was added action to OpenWebPage.
  • File events was divided. So, now possible independence select file create, modify, delete.
  • Was added option to Ask question. It have result Yes.
  • Was added German language. A lot of thanks to Alexander Graef.
  • Fixed: Errors with operations wtih actions in task action list.
  • Fixed: Tasks don't started with xStarter launching.

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