May 7, 2004

xStarter 1.40

  • xStarter now can work as NT service.
  • Functions support. All text fields at all plugins can include fields like {COMPUTERNAME}. Then task started this field will replaced to an value.
  • Event parameters (results) can also be filled at task fields. For example, if the task starts after some filesystem event occured, at all actions possible enter {FILEEVENT.NEWFILE} and after execution it will replaced to value.
  • Results of execution previous action in task action sequence can be filled at params. For example, if first action is exam differs of two text files, when second action can include [COMPARE1.SRCDIFF] and this parameter will replaced by value from previous action.
  • Task can be started after some NT event occured (application, security,
    system). Events can be filtered.
  • Plugin for operations with text files. It include writing to log file, comparing two text files, searching text in file or text block (regular expression supported as well).
  • ShowMessage action can be showed with icon.
  • Fixed: Error "Network path was not found".
  • Fixed: Other errors.

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