This Statement creates a loop for Actions related to the Statement .

This Statement requires text (Specified Text), so the Actions are performed against each text block found in the Specified Text.

The text blocks are divided by a delimiter (Delimiter Text). If the delimiter is not defined, the "Carriage Return" character (ENTER) is used by default.

For example, if Specified Text is set to "World Wide Web" and the delimiter is set to " " (space character), then Actions related to the Statement will be executed 3 times for:
1.      "World";
2.      "Wide";
3.      "Web".

It is also possible to set a loop on text blocks from a text file (External Text File).

Actions related to the TextLoopStatement can utilize the following Statement's Output Parameters:

This is an index of the current text block in Specified Text. This parameter possesses values from 1 to the number of text blocks in Specified Text;

This is a string with the current value of the text block.