This Action is designed for sending a combination of keys (or a text fragment) to the selected application.

Program Name
This is the name of the program where the keys pressings (or the text) should be sent to. You can either manually enter the program's name or choose it from the list of currently running applications.

Sendkeys String
This is a string to be sent. It's possible to use regular characters, SHIFT, CTRL and ALT modifiers and special characters.
For example, if you need to send CTRL+P to the application, you would need to input the CTRL modifier and the "p" character: ^(p).

Note: Regular characters should be entered in lower case and using regular Latin keyboard layout.

Add Keyname
This setting adds a name for a Functional key (F1F12, DOWN, UP etc.). You will need to select the required key from the field to the left of the button. Also can be added DELAY parameter what specify pause in milliseconds.

Add Modifier
This setting adds a modifier chosen in the field near the button.
The modifiers currently are:
+() for SHIFT,
^() for CTRL, and
%() for ALT.

This setting defines whether xStarter should wait until all characters are sent to the application.