This Action is designed for searching information in the given text.

Search For
This setting defines the text string that is searched for.

Regular Expression
This setting states that the search will be performed with the use of regular expressions.

Return All Matches
This setting is available for regular expressions only. When turned on, the Output Parameter named Matches will contains all occurrences of the regular expression in the given text.

Delimiter between Matches
This setting defines a text delimiter for separating text blocks found with the use of the regular expression.

Search in Text
This is a text where the search is performed in.

Search in File
This setting turns off Search in Text option and enables searching in the given file.

This setting defines a name of the file where the search should be performed (if Search in File option is turned on).

This parameter is set to TRUE only if Search For text is found.

This string contains all text blocks found with the use of the regular expression. The text blocks are separated by the text delimiter. If the text delimiter is not set, text blocks are separated by Carriage Return characters (ENTER).