This software is used for automating frequent operations and boring routine tasks. It will enable you to solve a wide range of tasks starting from ensuring the safety of your information and ending with reminding you about various events.

There is a lot of software used for various purposes and having a built-in scheduler. xStarter is a task scheduler that can serve a lot of purposes. Moreover, tasks can be triggered not only by time, but also by some system events.

All xStarter tasks are a succession of simple operations. Each operation performs a certain function. All functions can be divided into several groups:

  • Working with software and system services

  • Working with files and folders (copying and moving files and folders, etc)

  • Synchronizing folders

  • Creating ZIP archive;

  • Creating of Windows macros (succession of keyboard strokes and mouse operations)

  • Turning off, restarting or switching the computer to the standby mode

  • Optimizing the computer memory

  • Establishing a RAS connection

  • Downloading and uploading files via the FTP or HTTP protocol

  • Displaying messages on the screen

  • Et cetera, et cetera

  • All you have to do is specify a succession of operations with necessary parameters. After that you should set the time when they are to be performed. Afterwards the program will perform all the tasks without any additional activity from you.
    In case of complicated sets of operations, it is possible to record macros. Macros can contain several sets of mouse movements and keystrokes. More information about Windows Macros.