Monitor files trigger

The task will be run when any changes take place in the specified folder. If the Subfolders mode is on, changes in the subfolders of the specified folder will be also monitored.

The Folder create/change/delete option defines whether changes of the folder itself should be monitored.

monitor files and folders changes

If the All file operations mode is on (or partially on), changes to the files in the specified folder (but not in its subfolders are monitored).
The File create, File change, File delete options define exactly what changes to files to monitor.

It is possible to specify masks for file names that will run the task once they are modified. You can enter masks for file names in the File names field and use the «;¿ character as a separator.

For example, if you enter «*.txt;*.doc¿ into the File names field, the task will be run only when the specified changes will be made to files with the specified extensions.

You can use a number of parameters for the actions of the task that will be run by an event connected with the changes in the file system. More details about the parameters of file system events.