Managing existing tasks via the context menu

When you right-click the program icon in the system tray, a menu with the list of task sections and tasks in those sections is displayed. When you only start working with the program, you can find only the Examples section and a set of tasks in that section in this menu.

Each task has a running method specified for it (at a certain time, on a certain event, etc.). But sometimes it is necessary to run some task manually. That is what this menu is used for. Using it, you can quickly find the necessary task, select it and Run.

All tasks have the Enable option. This property defines whether this task will be automatically run according to its running method or not. From the beginning all the tasks in the Examples section are disabled. To be able to run the necessary task, you should Enable it.

Using this menu, you can also Disable a task and it will not be run according to the method specified for it, when it is due.