This Statement allows calling Actions depending on results of comparing parameters with predefined values.

To correctly fill in the Statement, it's required to specify the parameter to be compared, the comparison operand and the value, which the parameter will be compared to.

The parameter for comparison is selected from:
q      a list of Output Parameters of previous Actions in the list of the Task's Actions;
q      a list of parameters of Events that caused the Task execution;
q      a list of Internal Functions.

Parameters can be of different types:
q      Numeric;
q      String;
q      Boolean;
q      Date/Time.

The comparison operand can be selected depending on the parameter's type. All data types support operands = (equals) <> (is not equal).

Different data types allow different values, which are used for comparing parameters to. The string type supports string values; numeric type requires numeric values; and Boolean needs True or False.

Actions that relate to the IfStatement are executed only if comparison of the parameter to the given value was done successfully.

For example, the comparison parameter is [Ping1.Success], comparison operand is =, and comparison value is True. Then Actions related to the IfStatement will be executed only if Ping1 Action was performed successfully.